Biography - Sounds From The Ground

Sounds From The Ground are Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones. 

They met in a little backstreet studio in Brixton London early 1994 and started writing together with the aim of making deep dubby trip hop experimental electronic music. Their first effort was the epic Triangle which landed on the desk of Zion Train's Universal Egg label and was released to great acclaim. They released a second single Gather and then decided to make their first album Kin which was also released on Universal Egg for Europe and Waveform in the US. Kin seemed to hit the mark and firmly put SFTG on the map.

Nick and Elliot continued honing their skills over the next few years, working their trademark bass heavy and musical sound.  They followed up Kin with Mosaic on their own label Upstream Records and in the US as Terra Firma on Waveform.  They played a few gigs together, including the legendary Glastonbury Festival and became regulars at the Big Chill with Elliot DJ’ing at various events. Their next album was a bit of a departure from their underground roots with more time spent experimenting with vocalists and samples and the end result was Natural Selection which was signed to Vancouver label Nettwerk Records. They received critical acclaim with Lean On Me featuring Colein and New Day featuring Aine and seeing lots of exposure on film and tv.

SFTG then returned to their roots, experimenting with new technology and sounds, working their particular brand of magic in Nicks studio in North London, coming up with classic albums Luminal, High Rising, Brightwhitelight, The Maze and Widerworld, all released on Waveform Records. They reinstated their label Upstream to release Thru The Ages which was a compilation of early unreleased tracks and went on to put out Tribes and their ambient album Ready Steady Slow.  Nick & Elliot went on to release a selection of EP's as well as reissuing remastered versions of Kin, Mosaic and Luminal with new artwork.

To celebrate 20 years of making music, Sounds From The Ground released Alchemy in 2014 on vinyl. They went back to their analogue synths and drum machines to reincarnate the spirit of 1994 and came up with a selection of deep warm down-tempo tracks which blended perfectly with the 180 gram vinyl. 

Waveform also released  20 Years Of The Best to celebrate SFTG’s 20 year milestone by selecting 10 of the best tracks from their Waveform releases. 

Since then, Nick & Elliot have gone on to release Native Soul and their latest album Binary which celebrates 25 years of music making and there are lots more in the pipeline to add to the SFTG story so stay tuned…..